2018 Settlement and Logistics guide released

The 2018 Settlement and Logistics guide has now been released. Containing all the necessary information about settling trades on Liv-ex, a copy of the full document can be found below: Key changes:  Prime collections from Europe will now run weekly. The price for the Hong Kong shipment has been updated, effective 1st February. FAQs on insurance, photos, SIB Passports and best practice have been updated. Thank you for reading We hope that you found this information useful. For more information please contact [...]

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Liv-ex 2018 settlement calendar

The Liv-ex settlement calendar for 2018 has now been released. To download the calendar, please click here. The document contains the 2018 payment schedule. It also provides the dates you need to deliver to Liv-ex by, in order to receive payment on these dates. Further information about Liv-ex logistics and settlement services in 2018 will be posted in early January. For more information, please contact your Account Manager, email salesteam@liv-ex.com, or call +44 (0)20 7062 8788.

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Liv-ex Newsletter – August 2017

Welcome to the August 2017 Liv-ex newsletter  While many businesses have been slowing down for summer, exposure on the Exchange - the total value of firm bids and offers - stands at a high £40million this August. There will be no disruption to Liv-ex collection or delivery services this year and the Exchange remains open 24/7 for all of your trading needs, come rain or shine. Have you heard of LWIN? LWIN, the Liv-ex Wine Identification Number, is being adopted by many members [...]

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New Liv-ex logistics distribution tariff released

The new Liv-ex logistics distribution tariff, which is updated annually, will come into effect on 1st September 2017. As of this date, the frequency of deliveries will be increased for the following UK postcodes: BN, CT, DN, HR, LD, LL, NN, SA, WR. Liv-ex delivery prices will not increase as part of this update. When processing orders on Vine, please make sure you consult the tariff. Confirm your desired delivery date to ensure all orders are delivered when expected. You can download [...]

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Liv-ex is open come rain or shine

August might be 'the Sunday of the summer', with businesses slowing down and many services reduced, but Liv-ex remains open for you to trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This year, there will be no disruption to Liv-ex services. Temperature controlled trucks will be deployed throughout August, ensuring that your collections and deliveries are transported safely come rain or (hopefully) shine. The next collection dates for your sales on Liv-ex (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland) are: W/C 7th August 2017 W/C 21st [...]

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Send pre-advices automatically

New pre-advice API From today, you can take advantage of a new Liv-ex  API which automates the process of uploading pre-advices, saving you both time and money. How it helps you By automating, the API will help you to: Sync the pre-advice directly from your stock control system Remove human error Process pre-advices faster How it works The API has been built to help you send pre-advices from your own system directly into Vine, automating the upload process and saving you time and [...]

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Liv-ex Newsletter – February 2017

Welcome to the February 2017 Liv-ex newsletter It might not come as a surprise that the fine wine market has been getting broader. 4,396 different individual wines traded on Liv-ex last year, an increase of 167% on 2010 when a narrow group of Bordeaux dominated. What is interesting is that these numbers have been boosted by buyers diversifying within the traditional fine wine regions. Two Liv-ex blog posts point this out here and here (charts included, of course). Market aside, you can [...]

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New Liv-ex logistics services and price list

Important Vine updates Everything you need to know about Vine's award-winning logistics and settlement services can now be found in one document. Containing key updates on Vine services and prices, a full copy of the document can be found below: Key changes: 1. Prime services are now available to all members, and are no longer restricted to sellers based in Prime regions. 2. Vine has updated the prices for Liv-ex Prime and some warehouse services. 3. The document now includes details on [...]

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Liv-ex Newsletter – January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 Liv-ex newsletter The fine wine market ended 2016 on a high. The Liv-ex 100 Index gained 24.8% - significantly higher than the 5.4% increase that Liv-ex members predicted, on average, at the beginning of the year. In the next few weeks, we will ask you to to predict where the market will go over the next 12 months in our annual Members' Survey. Until then, you can find key Liv-ex updates from the last month below. New [...]

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Revised Vine Christmas schedule

Due to stong demand, we have decided to extend our Vine services this Christmas period to ensure minimal disruption. We will now run an extra European collection on the week of December 12th, and there will be no disruption to the Hong Kong service throughout. Please see below for full details. Warehouse closing dates - holiday period Please note that our warehouses will be closed on the following days: Vine Bordeaux: closed 25th December 2016 – 6th January 2017 inclusive. Vine London [...]

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