Technology newsletter May 2013 – Issue 1

By May 18, 2013Member updates

Welcome to the first Technology newsletter from Liv-ex. My name is Richard Hewitt and I head up the Technology side of Liv-ex, having joined in November last year from Betfair.

Since then Liv-ex has seen many technology developments: we have delivered almost 200 individual changes to the website, with several highlights.

Certainly the greatest of these has been the comparison charts on Liv-ex and Cellar Watch. These have been consuming the efforts of our team for some time and we are very proud of the new design, functions and benefits they bring to our members.

Other prominent work has been on site performance – which we hope you are all noticing,  especially on the ‘Your Trades’ screens.

For the webmasters out there we have produced a Ticker widget. This is a small plug and play application that offers a simple way to display recent trades that have taken place on the fine wine market. Widgets are a new area for Liv-ex and we’re looking in detail at what other ones we can build; we’d love to hear from you if there is anything you would like to see.

Perhaps the most interesting work we’re doing is around L-WIN, the Liv-ex Wine Identification Number. This supports a whole range of product innovations and makes systems integrations far easier. Our data upload services and list cleaning tools all use L-WIN as a means of disambiguating wine names.

Looking forward, we have an exciting list of improvements and new features planned for Liv-ex;  the biggest challenge here is knowing what not to do. The immediate future will see widget development, a simple cellar viewing app and continued growth of our LWIN work.

If you have any comments, questions or requests for the Tech team at Liv-ex then please drop us a line at – we’re always really happy to hear directly from you.

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