LIVE opportunities: where the Wine Advocate has found value in 2020

The publications 2020 top 100 wine discoveries has some value gems amongst them.

The Wine Advocate, from their 30,000 reviews done over the past year, have chosen their top 100 wine discoveries. The criteria was that the wine must come from outside the mainstream or be new to the reviewers and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Wines that represent value
  • Wines that are age-worthy
  • Wines that are grown and made in a sustainable manner
  • Wines that represent innovative approaches, whether in the vineyards, winery or otherwise

The focus today is the first bullet point – Value.

They have defined the category as “Wines that provide value to consumers within the context of their peer group.”

Now searching through the Top 100 for all the value wines was no easy task but we’ve done the difficult bit and created a list for you to ponder below.

While many of the wines on the list are yet to be released or find action on the secondary market, the breadth of discoveries is important. It mirrors the activity we have seen this year on the secondary market and may give a glimpse into what’s to come in 2021.

One grower on the list that exemplifies this is G.D. Vajra. As little as six years ago the Vajra’s wines were non-existent on the secondary market. The first trade was in 2015 and in the following four years, the wine only changed hands a dozen or so times. However, in 2020, trade in Vajra wines has increased tenfold. Active markets of its most popular wine, G.D. Vajra Barolo Bricco Viole are included below. The most recent vintage, 2016, received 97 points from Antonio Galloni who said, “it has all the qualities to develop into a truly special wine.”

Much like G.D. Vajra found its feet in 2020, which one of the wines below do you think are set to have their turn in 2021?