Liv-ex members can log in to Wine Matcher here. You need the Liv-ex Silver package or higher.

If you would like to find out how to use Wine Matcher, you can view our tutorial videos here.

Wine Matcher is an award-winning web-based tool for the fine wine trade. Using it, you can clean and price up to 5,000 lines of data per minute.

Key features include:

  • Match your list to LWIN* so that it is tidy and standardised, ready for processing.
  • Download current and historic Liv-ex data points.
  • Upload a list of bids/offers or a pre-advice (purchase order) to Liv-ex.
  • Price check your list against current Market Prices and find bids/offers on Liv-ex to trade against.

The problem it solves

Lists of wines are essential to the fine wine trade. They are exchanged between negociants, merchants, private clients, brokers and logistics suppliers. Although these wine lists often have the same basic information, such as wine name, pack size and price, it is normally presented in different formats.

This makes it impossible for lists to be automatically processed. Valuing lists and spotting buying or selling opportunities therefore becomes a time-consuming process, requiring merchants to check prices manually.

Wine Matcher revolutionises these processes

Wine Matcher is a web-based, artificial intelligence† tool that allows merchants to take lists and transform them into a standardised set of wine names and formats with unique IDs (LWINs). These IDs can easily be shared with other systems or entered into a database for comparison in a matter of minutes. It can also return the clean list with wine price data – such as Market Price or last trade – from Liv-ex.

As a result, merchants will now be able to do in minutes what used to take weeks. Those valuing client lists will be able to give more time to their customers, and buyers and sellers can now discover new trading opportunities at the click of a button.


Don’t just take our word for it. In 2017, Wine Matcher was awarded ‘Supply Chain Initiative of the Year’ by the drinks business. The judges called it a “very clever innovation” that “has far-reaching and practical implications for the fine wine trade”.

How fast is it?

Wine matcher automates the highly labour intensive and manual process of valuing lists of wine and preparing packing lists. It can match up to 5,000 lines of data per minute. Even if you were to value a wine list of this size at an average speed of 20 seconds per line, it would still take more than a working week.

Liv-ex currently uses Wine Matcher to process tens of thousands of lines of data each day. The tool is powered by Amazon web services and harnesses the power of the cloud to make it available to users on the Internet.

Wine Matcher is a web-based tool that you can use in your browser. This means that it is available instantly. No development time is needed.

Wine Matcher is used by Liv-ex members with a Silver membership or above. If you are already a Liv-ex member and would like to learn more, contact your Account Manager or watch our tutorial videos.

*Liv-ex Wine Identification Number is a unique seven-digit numerical code that serves as a universal wine identifier for the wine trade.

†Wine Matcher uses statistical learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to increase the accuracy and confidence with which it offers matches to a given wine list.